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Picasso App Download Free Latest Version 10.8.3

Hello friends, if you are an entertainment lover and want to watch movies, live TV, live sports channels, Web series, Live streaming, Dubbed language movies, and More, then the Picasso App is the perfect solution. Friends Picasso app is the permanent solution for entertainment on a single platform; Picasso app Is the best Android application for entertainment. 

Picasso app is one of the best solutions for entertainment. It is very popular And user-friendly. If you have a basic Internet connection, then you can get this entertainment APK. In this post, you will find the Picasso app download link. and you can also install the app on your Android mobile phone. This app is available for desktop smart TVs and tablets also.  

 In the blog, we provide you the app download link and app information link so that you can easily install it on your Android mobile phone. This Android app is available for every device, but in this section, we provide you only for Android mobile version app. let’s download the APK now. 

What is the Picasso App?

 At first, you need a basic idea of what is Picasso app is. The Picasso APK application provides free streaming, live TV, Live sports, movies, web series, and downloads. Picasso app Provides Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, All web series, and live sports and TV channels For free. 

The Picasso app started live streaming in 2021. In 2024, the Picasso app will be very popular in India and the East and South because this app provides unlimited facilities for users free of cost. 

So the Picasso app Is a free platform to download and watch movies and web series and Watch live TV. It is the overall solution of entertainment for free.

Picasso app Download

App Name : 

Picasso App 

Rating : 

Size : 

18.5 MB

Category : 


Version : 

Latest 10.8.3

Table of Contents

Picasso app downloads the latest version

Download the Picasso app’s latest version in 2024. There are many previous versions available; you will get a list when you are on the download page. On the download page, you will get all versions of the Picasso Android app, and you can download the Picasso APK.

APK Screenshot :

Screenshot 1

picasso app apk download

Screenshot 2

picasso app

Screenshot 3

picasso app download apk

Features of the ApK :

As we already explained beca, use we have a permanent solution for entertainment shows; it has unlimited Features. In the below section, we explain some features of this Picasso APK that are important to know. 

User-Friendly Interface:

The Picasso app has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. Smoothali is working and is very good-looking in its user interface. It’s very necessary to clean and work smoothly. 

HD video quality:

The Picasso app Also provides the facilities to change the video quality. The apps provide 144p,320p,480p,720p, 1200p And 4K video quality. If the internet connection is fast, that will shift to a better video format. Also, you can watch live streaming with HD quality. 

Large collection of movies:

The Picasso app has lots of movies. You will get the old movies Before 2009. After 2009, You will get all Hollywood, Bollywood Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bangla, Bangladeshi movies, and more. They provide the movie list in all categories so you can find it easily. When a new movie is released, this APK provides the movies for download and is in early.

Large collection web series:

In this APK, you can find all kinds of Indian web series, Korean web series, and more web series. There are also dubbing web series available in this APK. You can find the web series in the section APK. There will be an interface to watch this web series.

Download facility:

The Picasso app allows you to watch the movie offline. When you play a video online, you will get a download button. You can then download the movie to watch offline in the future. The Picasso app provides downloads in HD format and also in MKV format.

Unlimited live TV channels:

You can Watch live TV channels in the Picasso app. They provide almost 250+ live TV channels, including sports, Movie channels, News channels, Indian serial channels, Cartoon channels, Entertainment channels and also more international TV channels.

Free to Use:

The Picasso App APK is free; you don’t have to pay anything to access its features. It is an excellent application that works fine on the first/ medium internet. 

Picasso Lives TV app

The Picasso app provides almost 250+ Life is TV channels, including sports news, entertainment, and more. After downloading the Picasso live TV app, you will get live television streaming in this application. 

Live IPL match in the Picasso app

IPL is the best Premier League in the world. The Picasso app is also the best streaming platform for watching live IPL matches. The Picasso Application provides maths in HD format. 

Get live cricket matches in the Picasso app

Not only IPL but also the Picasso app streams all live cricket matches. You already know that it has almost 150 live sports channels. They always provide all live cricket matches. You can watch all cricket series, every country’s cricket premier league under 19 World Cup and all cricket live matches in this Picasso app.  

Watch Hollywood movies

You can ask for Hollywood movies in this Picasso app for free. When you visit the apps, You will get the Hollywood movie category. The new will get the updated and new release Hollywood movie. You can download Hollywood movies, and you can watch Hollywood movies whatever you want.

Watch Bollywood movies In the Picasso app

The Picasso app provides all Bollywood movies for free Watch and download. The Picasso app provides new release movies That you will find on their front page, and also, if you want to watch the oldest movie, you can do it. Also, you can countdown download the movies for offline watching.

Get all web series in the Picasso app

You can watch and download all web series on the platform. The Picasso app provides the facilities to watch web series. In the Picasso app, you will find the Korean web series, Chinese web series, Indian web series, and all web series on this platform

Watch the latest movies And web series

You can watch all the latest movies in this Picasso app. This app always updates the newly updated movies And web series in HD format. There are lots of collections available in this app when a new movie is released and published.

Pros and Cons Of This apk




To download the Picasso app, follow the previous content, where you will get an overall idea of how to install and download it.

Yes, you can use speakers for free. There is no premium content. All contents are free to download and watch online.

Yes, you can download movies and web series from the Picasso app. The Picasso app provides download facilities in HD format and MKV format. 

To download movies, play the movie on your mobile phone. After that, you will get a download button in the right corner. Click on the download button and select a format. Then, the download will be started automatically. 

Yes. You can Watch a live IPL match in the Picasso app for free. There are lots of channels available that stream live cricket matches. 

Yes, Picasso is free from viruses. We test the apps on our mobile phones. After that, we provide you with the have so that you can trust it, and it is the best app for free live streaming.

No, the Picasso app provides live streaming, and they have their copyright. They provide free live streaming without any illegal issues. 

How to Download and Install the Picasso App APK?

Settings >> Apps & Notifications>> Click three dots>>Special access, or Special app

Click : Install unknown apps

Enable : Allow from this source 

Find .apk file on Chrome or file manager 

Click:  install Button>> Done 

To Update: Download the latest version and follow the process


The Picasso App Is the best entertainment and live streaming app for watching live Sports matches and all movies and web series. Download the movies In HD quality and enjoy offline. The Hollywood Bollywood web series and premium live TV channels are free. 

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